Complete an offer

There there's any problems that may have resolved with offers. we can not replace that with other
offers. If the offer you have you tried said, "It is completed", it does not always unlock the file. You can wait 2 minutes before closing the offer or while trying to complete another. If it is not complete you will not have your
file and it will be locked.

Invalid ID PID

Completed you an offer and you get an Invalid ID PID, it redirects you anywhere on the homepage? It there's several reasons for this.
-You waited too long lasting fog fluid and your PID ID has expired. Then he became disabled and not in use. Filmography - You have a new IP address and PID ID have remained linked to the IP address you had before
- You complete more than 3 offers in 24 hours, then your IP address is on our blacklist.

IP address blacklisted

You complete more than three bids in 24 hours, then your IP is on our blacklist. It can be removed if
you contact us explaining why you have more than three offers in one day. also if you have a dynamic IP address, you can restart your router and try again.

Proceed button does not work

Clicking the button opens a small window to proceed with words - you demandans to accept or
refuse . after this offer window happen. Users told us that nothing happened when clicking on the button to proceed. We believe that everyone can click on button and receive window
terms . But when you click I accept you nothing or just a gray window It there's several reasons for this,
You have ad -blocker in your browser Disable and click again on the Proceed button. You use
an old version of Internet Explorer, Firefox , Safari, Chrome. Update your browser to the latest version .
Or try to refresh page several times and click Proceed again - If it still does not work click
Proceed again . Wait for the window under 5 seconds . If nothing password . Try using a new version of the browser, instead of using your default browser. If you still can not click Proceed, submit us a video of the problem via the contact us page. - In case you are still not able to click on proceed, send us an short desktop recording video via contact page.

Impossible de lire la vidéo

Il n'y a qu'un problème qui vous empêchera de regarder notre vidéo de démonstration Vous utilisez une extension de votre navigateur Qui empêche la lecture automatique de la vidéo. Il y'a beaucoup d'extensions qui provoque ce problème, nous ne pouvons donc pas en citer les noms.

Code qui ne fonctionne pas?

Le seul problème qui pourrait être provoqué est que vous avez un vieux PID ID, et que vous essayer d'utiliser
les codes sur le nouveau. Nous pensons pour l'instant que c'est le seul problème, car ça n'est arrivé que à quelques utilisateurs.